The year is 1988, the year of the dragon. Maybe you just got back from the theatre to see Rain Man, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, or Coming To America. Then suddenly, you drop into a strange new world. You recognize parts of it, but it feels foreign - cold, accelerated, maybe creepy.

Imagine, for a moment, that you teleported from the 80s into a real-life version of the internet.

Your Wedding, on Facebook – It’s your big day! You’re getting married. Friends, family, people you met once at a coffee shop, your crazed alt-right uncle, the girl you went on one date with - they’re all enjoying cocktails. Many are arguing, and most are watching them on the sideline with a confused stare.

House Party, but on Instagram – There’s a huge house party tonight. George Michael is making a guest appearance, Guns ‘n Roses will be raging, and hell, Rick Astley might even show up. Unfortunately, you weren’t invited and will probably stay home tonight. Luckily for you, everyone will mail you a postcard and pictures documenting everything you missed. So, weirdly, it was almost like you were there, right?

I’m not a big fan of The Internet IRL. It trades authenticity for shock value and relationships for interactions. And unfortunately, there’s no opt-out button for lovers of the internet.

In my opinion, the ability to freely share a blog post on the internet is the most outstanding achievement of the internet. And given that I want a place online where I could be more authentic and meet some like-minded folks…

I am restarting my blahg.