First and foremost, I am an equal opportunity creator. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching something come from nothing. If it involves the act of making, I’ve probably given it a serious shot: coding, soldering, creating music, etc. This is a recurring, pervasive theme in my life. Eventually I decided to embrace the mad scientist within. Happy ever after.

I’m a social person. I’m fascinated by people’s stories, and learning from other’s perspectives. From my experience, my greatest triumphs have come from when I have successfully worked collaboratively with others on projects. This is not to undermine the importance of solitude in solving problems; there is a complementary relationship between the two. “Everything in moderation,” or so they say.

In my personal life, I love traveling around playing my music for people. Either the dream of being a rockstar never seemed to fade, or blasting loud music never seems to get old; I can’t tell. I’m a sucker for philosophical discussions erring on the side of the deontological. Luckily for you, I won’t make it my mission to bore you with my opinions too often. Some have described me as highly empathetic. It’s a nice counter to my technical, assertive side. Like most empaths, I do love dogs.


Open source contributions


  • Local Github markdown server. I wanted to preview my Github markdown in real time, so I built this.

Viz: Vizualize data streams in the browser

  • This tool uses D3, React.js, and a few other tools to allow users to create interactive visualization in the browser. In a sense it is similar to Tableau; however, Tableau only works well for static charts. Humans learn from interaction, so our goal is to bring interaction to data.


  • An online experience marketplace built with Rails and Angular.


  • Pipe data to your browser from Node

Atlas Traffic Monitor

  • A group of friends and I built a multi-media interactive installation using 3 Arduinos, one Raspberry Pi, and many lines of Javascript and Python. This was part of a live data-art display where we sought to show how users could interact with software and data for creative pursuits.

Ruby on Rails

  • Patch to Rails which mitigates possible DoS attacks
  • Various other fixes


  • A tool for benchmarking Linux schedulers under different workloads. It uses getrusage() under the hood to give real resource statistics about the program under different schedulers.


  • A ruby wrapper around the C gethostbyname function

yadr-alt: Tidiest dotfile setup around



  • I’m fascinated by Bitcoin, and have given talks about the creative uses of blockchain technology.

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

― Bill Nye