This semester I took a class that required us to fork a repo every week and make a pull-request to turn in our assignments. Needless to say, my Github account got pretty cluttered. Here’s a quick and dirty way to clean out old repositories you do not need.

First, you need to install the Github-API gem: $ gem install github_api

Now, add your code, and regex match whichever repos you want to remove. Or simply add some conditional logic to manually catch them if they don’t follow a pattern.

require 'github_api'

username = 'YOUR_USERNAME'
password = 'YOUR_PASSWORD'
github = basic_auth: "#{username}:#{password}"

github.repos.list.each do |repo|
  if =~ /whatever-regex-you-want-.*/
      puts github.repos.delete user: username, repo:
      puts $!.message